New Website Launched!

Geeks 2 You has now officially launched our new website! Feel free to check the website out and let us know what you think in the comments section. Please also like our facebook page. You can see it... READ MORE


Malware? Spyware? Oh No!

Almost anybody who uses a computer that is connected to the internet knows what malware is. But, in case you aren’t familiar with the term, it stands for Malicious Software, and it can be any application that’s used... READ MORE


Backing up Your Data, Why it’s Important

Why is Backing up Data Important?

There aren’t a very high percentage of people, considering how many there are using computers in general, that think to back up their data. “Nothing’s going to happen to me.” They might... READ MORE


Tucson AZ Web Design Tips

Why Should You Have a Website for your Tucson AZ based Business?

In today’s market, more and more customers are turning to online services, like shopping for pretty much anything, to banking, and paying bills. But this also... READ MORE


Are you ready for home wireless networking?

In today’s day and age there are plenty of devices in an average home that connect to wifi or a wireless network. These networks provide a wireless connection to the internet via your WIFI enabled device. This can... READ MORE


Should I have Security Cameras?

Absolutely! Homeowners all over the world have become increasingly more protective of their home and their property. Now a day’s home security isn’t as expensive as it was in the past, which makes all the more reason to... READ MORE


5 Steps for Removing a Trojan Virus

First, What is a Trojan Virus?

A Trojan Virus isn’t like most viruses your antivirus software catches and gets rid of. They are sneaky, and can wreak havoc on your computer, or any other device you have connected... READ MORE


5 Tips for Working Securely on a Wireless Hotspot

What is a Wireless Hotspot?

A wireless hotspot is something most of us have used, but probably don’t give much thought to. Wireless hotspots allow you to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi. No running and connecting... READ MORE


5 Techniques for PC Troubleshooting

Computers… Oy!

Computers are the greatest technological creation ever, in some opinions. They solve countless equations in seconds, you can create images so real you swear it was a photograph. And they are capable of storing unbelievable amounts... READ MORE


Troubleshooting a Stubborn Cable Modem

If you’ve had a cable modem connection for a while, then you understand that they can be a bit subborn at times when trying to connect them to the internet. Sometimes it’s as easy as connecting a... READ MORE


Windows 98 and Windows XP Sounds Only

Here is a cool Youtube video of a song someone made with ONLY Windows 98 and Windows XP sounds! Keep in mind, if you are still using Windows 98 and Windows XP, it is time to... READ MORE


Flashback virus infects over 650,000 Apple Macs!

Apple isn't quite as stable as it used to be. There is now a virus called Flashback that is infecting systems like crazy. Be on the lookout for weird issues with your Mac, as you may be infected.... READ MORE


Geeks 2 You Spotlight on Security Cameras

Security Cameras Throughout the Years

Security cameras have been around since before man first walked on the moon… Well, ok, only by four or so years. 1965 is the first recorded year of security cameras being put to... READ MORE


Detecting Hardware and Software Malfunctions

Differences Between the Two

If you use a computer enough, then you know how annoying, inconvenient, and costly computer problems can be. But how do you know if the problem you are experiencing is due to a hardware... READ MORE


Is Using a Data Recovery Company Right for You?

Past Times of Data Recovery

Before the internet became a household sensation, storing and recovering important data was a time and space consuming task. The creation of the Floppy Disk first revolutionized data storage. But then, back then,... READ MORE


Affordable Backup Solution: Flash Drives

What is a Flash Drive?

In a previous article, we discussed some differences between flash drives and external hard drives. Now, in this article, we are going to discuss why and how flash drives can be more practical... READ MORE


External Hard Drives To The Rescue!

Backup Solutions are Important!

Today, when it comes to backing up data, a person has different options to choose from. This wasn’t always the case. Back before devices like flash drives and external hard drives came out, a... READ MORE


Tips and Tricks for Your New Website Design

Building the Perfect Site for your Business

With computer technology dominating the way of life in the U.S., and across the world, the demand for web designers is booming. But not everybody has the touch. A lot goes... READ MORE


Choosing the right Wireless Router

What is a Wireless Router?

It’s ok, that is a valid question. There are still people who aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of the internet world. But there’s nothing wrong with that. That’s why there are... READ MORE


Home Networking For The Future

Connect your Computer to the TV

When computers were first readily made for the public use, nobody ever thought connecting your computer to your television could be possible. But now, it seems to be common practice in a... READ MORE


Computer Viruses: What are they?

Computer Viruses are the Definition of trouble

All over the world, computers and other devices that are connected to the internet are at risk of becoming infected by a computer virus. But what is a computer virus, anyways?... READ MORE


Top 5 Contributors to Hard Drive Failure

Owning a computer is great. They can solve complicated equations, and can be used to design anything from logos to skyscrapers, as well as an escape from reality. Of course, we think they’re the greatest thing around until... READ MORE


4 Common Issues with Wireless Routers

Today, wireless networks are popping up all over the place, allowing people to connect to the internet while shop, or while they eat, and even watch TV. And with the help of today’s technology, we are able to... READ MORE


Choosing a Web Design Package

If yоu аrе thіnking of opеning an оnlinе busіnеsѕ, the fіrѕt thіng уоu will neеd, aраrt frоm the domaіn, iѕ а wеbsіte design and for that yоu will havе tо fіnd а design рaсkagе thаt suits you, frоm... READ MORE


Old Tech, New Life

Old Tech, New Life It’s not a crime to want the latest phone, laptop, tablet, or gaming system. They are made to be bought, and therefore consumers ought to be able to enjoy them guilt-free. Yet Earth-friendly techies... READ MORE


Don’t Waste your Time over Paying Big Brand Computer Companies

After hours of frustration and your inability to solve your own computer problems, who do you turn to? You might think, well I’ll just call up Best Buy they should be able to get the... READ MORE


Google Chrome Uninstall Problems

When you uninstall Google Chrome, it stops you from being able to open any links in Outlook and Outlook Express. This is particularly annoying for Outlook and OE users. I've documented the fix below: Restoring Registry Settings: 1. Click... READ MORE


Windows 8

Windows 8 is here! If you were in the market for a new computer, hopefully you got a good deal on it. There have been lots of great deals, and there are still some left. Email/call us if you... READ MORE


Choosing The Right Motherboard

Three Mistakes Gamers Make When Choosing a Motherboard for their Gaming Computer

Perhaps the most overlooked component for new system builders is the motherboard. The motherboard is the central hub for all of the computer components. It’s how... READ MORE


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