Got a nasty computer bug? Do you need virus removal or antivirus software installed on your personal or business computer? We can help you in removing trojan viruses, worms, adware and spyware that may have gotten onto your computer. Typically these types of malware won’t let you access your computer or remove it. We have the experience to be able to kick viruses out and keep them out. We can provide you with the technology you need to keep your computers safe.

Geeks 2 You is the industry expert when it comes to Virus and Spyware Removal. We can remove a virus, and ensure that it does not come back. We can also remove viruses and spyware without having to reinstall Windows. Most of our competition will tell you that Windows must be reinstalled, and thus charge you more. Don’t listen to the rest, come to the best!

No matter the reason for using a computer, there is a strong chance it has been infected by a virus, spyware or malware. Malware and spyware can be found on almost every computer out there. Computer viruses are incredibly common as well, and sometimes take months before they show themselves. These three types of unwanted software can compromise a computer and keep it from running at optimal speeds. They can steal your identity, credit card and personal information. They can lead to scary scenarios that could potentially cause huge costly problems in life.

Our team of Virus Removal experts spends time researching and staying up to date with the latest information in the virus world. Coupled with many large manufacturers and quality software, we can usually identify the problem, and rectify the issue without loss of data or private information. We utilize the best software on the market and provide the best solution to removing viruses.

In case the virus has become malicious and attempted to delete your data, we can still recover it! Data recovery services are available no matter what the condition of the hard drive. We can retrieve data at your location and repair your computer at your home and office.

So whether it’s in home, or at your office, we can easily provide you the virus removal services and tools to eliminate the problem. We will also put preventative measures in place, to ensure the computer virus or spyware does not come back.


Current things to watch out for:


1. WinAntiVirus or WinAntiSpyware

WinAntiVirus Screenshot

WinAntiVirus Screenshot

There a number of different viruses and spyware that are making their rounds. Be sure to watch out for this one in particular. It is called WinAntivirus 2008/2009/2010/2011/2012 or WinAntiSpyware. This is a really nasty virus that will eventually crash your computer. There is also another called Thinkpoint. It pops up a window and won’t let you ever get out of it. There is another that will hide all your desktop items, as well as start-menu items, and all your documents. The computer virus will make your start menu blank with nothing in it, and your documents folder blank as well. If you recognize these symptoms, call immediately to get this virus removed before it is too late. If you wait for too long, it will crash your system and you will have to have the operating system reinstalled. This program will also ask you to pay a fee to use it, and make sure you do not pay. If you do, it will bill your credit card the initial $70-100, then they will steal your identity and charge you thousands.

The Personal Antivirus looks very similar to AVG, and can easily be mistaken. They want your credit card information to remove a virus, which AVG will not ask you for. Watch out for this! If you see it, do not hesitate to call us to remove this virus!


2. FBI Virus

FBI Virus Screenshot

FBI Virus Screenshot

The FBI Virus is one of the most annoying and disabling viruses out there. Upon booting your computer, it will show a screen showing either the FBI logo or the Homeland Security logo stating that you are a wanted criminal for illegal activity. It gives you the option to pay a ‘fine’ and all will be forgiven. If you pay this, the virus won’t be removed, and instead your identity will be stolen. This is an incredibly common virus, and also tough to remove. Don’t be fooled, you didn’t do anything illegal, it is just a virus. Ordinary computer techs will want to reinstall MS Windows, as they will have a tough time removing it. We have an incredibly high success rate at removing this virus WITHOUT needing to reinstall Windows. What does this mean? It means our average time to remove this virus is 1-1.5 hours, or $79-$118.50 for residential clients. Don’t pay Windows reinstallation fees if that isn’t truly needed!

2. Cryptolocker

Cryptolockers Screenshot

Cryptolockers Screenshot

Cryptolocker is the nastiest of the nasty. This virus encrypts ALL the important data on your computer(MS Word Documents, JPEG pictures, PDF files, Excel spreadsheets, etc). It then charges a ransom of 2BTC(Bitcoins). The current BTC price ranges from $500-$1,000, so the ransom will be somewhere between $1,000 and $2,000 depending on the spot price. It also gives you a 72 hour window to pay, otherwise the price jumps to 10BTC, or $5,000-$10,000. It uses a very strong encryption method, making it near impossible to crack. There are several backdoor methods to recovering the data. If Shadow copies are turned on, we will be able to recover the data easily. Otherwise, having a backup, we will be able to remove the virus and get the data off a backup. Do not play around with this virus, it is incredibly nasty. We have seen several cases where the virus showed itself, but hadn’t encrypted the data yet. We were able to remove the virus quickly enough before it encrypted everything. Act FAST with this one.