In our 10 years of servicing Arizona, we have fixed over 20,000 computers and have solved well over 50,000 technology-related problems. Our experts know how to deliver reliable hardware and software solutions for the best results. We service any brand of computer, including Apple. We also offer service for home theater systems and smart home devices. Give us a call today to get a free quote for our computer repair services.

Software Problems

Geeks 2 You offers a wide variety of software support such as tutoring and installation. We can solve any software problem occurring on your home or work computer. We offer hands on tutoring to help you become more proficient with your computer usage.
Whether it is for your home or business, we have the experience needed to set up your software to run more efficiently. We can assist with database management, law firm software and all other database driven software.
We specialize in all types of software repairs and installations that include but are not limited to:
• Operating System Errors
• Viruses and Popups
• Malware and Spyware
• Slow processes
• Slow internet
• Software installation
• Tutoring
• Backup Software

Hardware Problems

To enhance the performance or functionality of your computer, Geeks 2 You can install any hardware swap or upgrade that may be needed. We offer custom built computers, servers, gaming rigs and workstations. We use the highest quality parts in our hardware repairs to ensure the performance and longevity desired. If your computer wont reboot, won’t turn on, or is slow; our experts have the answers.
We specialize in all types of hardware repairs that include but are not limited to:
• Laptop LCD and screen replacements
• Hard Drive replacements
• Power Supply replacements
• RAM (Memory) upgrades
• Laptop DC jack replacements
• Keyboard replacements
• Video Card Installations
• Modem and Router installations
• Home Theater Setup